In recent years, social media has gained an ever greater influence and impact on our lives. They have almost become a kind of instrument with which we can measure how smart, funny, fit, beautiful, sexy, successful and 'unique' we have to be or become. And it seems that people are starting to believe in this twisted mirror function. 
#thenewme is an art project that tries to depict the contradiction of social media.
If you do not follow the trends on social media and do not participate in "exhibiting" yourself, you almost risk becoming an outsider. #thenewme investigates the urge for and meaning of people's urge to apply and asks the question: should we not just try to accept ourselves as we are?
About the work
Erik-Jan Koopmans and Florian Cats combined the photos of various male and female individuals. New human life forms were created by this transformation. The images were shot in the same space from the same angle. With this they wanted to create a bridge between reality and absurdity.
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