Exploring the intersection of AI and human marksmanship 
This photo serie seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence with human creativity, presenting a thought-provoking exploration of the collaborative potential between man and machine. Through the meticulous division of the canvas into 32 sections, each manually filled with objects aided by AI, the project challenges traditional notions of authorship and creativity.
One of the most compelling aspects of the project is the use of real human models, captured by the artist, juxtaposed with the AI-generated elements. This juxtaposition prompts reflection on the evolving relationship between technology and humanity, raising questions about identity, agency, and the boundaries of artistic expression.
By employing AI as a tool rather than a replacement for human creativity, Florian Cats demonstrates the power of collaboration between human ingenuity and technological innovation. The result is a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating experience that invites viewers to contemplate the role of AI in shaping our understanding of art and creativity
Overall, this series offers a captivating glimpse into the future of artistic expression, where the lines between human and machine, creator and creation, blur in fascinating ways.
Commissioned for the Podiumschool 
Captured during a mesmerizing performance organized by Podiumschool, these images unravel the delicate dance of our relationship with the natural world.
As the spotlight illuminates the stage, the narrative unfolds, putting the spotlight on the unsung heroes of our ecosystem—the bees. Each photograph is a glimpse into the enchanting world where the performers artfully explore the intricate role of bees in our society.
Through the lens, witness the fusion of theatrical brilliance and ecological insight, a celebration of the symbiotic dance between humans and nature. These snapshots aim to echo the urgency of understanding and preserving our vital connection with the buzzing wonders that sustain our world.
Capturing moments with Matsu Fox and his band
So, here's the scoop: I got booked to snap some moments at Matsu Fox's sold-out bash, and boy, was it a blast! The stage was lit, the crowd was buzzing, and I was there, a bit nervous but ready to roll.
Truth be told, I was feeling a tad shaky under those spotlights, but guess what? The positivity oozing from Matsu Fox and the crew turned it all around. Their good vibes made me shake off those jitters, and suddenly, I was clicking away with a big smile on my face.
It wasn't just a gig; it was like being part of a happy, talented family. Every click told a story of collaboration, not just between musicians but between a slightly jittery photographer and an incredibly supportive team. Here's a peek into that magical night—full of music, good vibes, and a bunch of people who know how to turn nerves into joy!
About work“Freddie Mercury passed away the year I was born. The search for who he was and what he meant in the music world is the foundation of this manipulated image.”
The use of modern techniques has created an image in which a portrait of Freddie Mercury himself is visible from a distance. When one literally comes closer to the work, one sees that it is not merely a portrait, but a combination of two faces. In this way he shows the treacherous simplicity and challenges the viewer to look at things in a different way. The two faces symbolizes the two sides of the life he led.
Digital photography / photo manipulation
Printed on high quality aluminum
60 x 90 cm
1600.00 euros
Trace the lines. Splash your colour.
The series emphasises the imperfection, but at the same time provides a stable line and colour work, which make the overall feeling a bit more consistent. The lines symbolize the fusion of futurism and humanity. It invites you to look differently at our society. The text is untraceable. Only the lines can be followed.
Credits Photographer: Florian Cats Art Director : Eva Karen Muah: Anita Talman Model: Noëlle Marie @ Tutti Models
Published in Prolific Quarterly January, 2018
Vending Machines 
Throughout my extensive travels across Southeast Asia, I encountered vending machines positioned in unconventional and intriguing locations. The sheer proliferation of these machines, coupled with their remarkable versatility, captured my fascination. Notably, I encountered vending machines that surpassed conventional expectations, demonstrating the capability to meticulously prepare and dispense complete noodle soup servings.
This ongoing photo series aims to chronicle and showcase the diverse range of vending machines I have encountered in my journey. The collection will be periodically updated to provide an in-depth exploration of the unique and innovative vending machine landscape in Southeast Asia.
De Onverwoestbaren
An unprecedented family chronicle about suffering, laughter and crap in a series of monologues by actress Anna Raadsveld
‘De onverwoestbaren’ tells the stories of an inscrutable family through the eyes of various family members, all played by actress Anna Raadsveld. All characters struggle with life, seek solid ground, guidance and meaning in their fate, but at the same time they manage to strengthen themselves with an enormous vitality, strength and humor. 
Raadsveld takes you into a series of monologues of family members, whose zest for life may creak but never break. Supported by live music by musician Mats Voshol, the emotions and characters come together in a moving performance in which the harshness of life can also lead to a laugh.
Do you truly have the world on a string
[Or just strung up in your farce?]
photographer Florian Cats 
art director Eva
Published print editorial in Elegant Magazine ISSUE No. 40 – September 2017
is an art project that tries to depict the contradiction of social media.
If you do not follow the trends on social media and do not participate in "exhibiting" yourself, you almost risk becoming an outsider. #thenewme investigates the urge for and meaning of people's urge to apply and asks the question: should we not just try to accept ourselves as we are? Erik-Jan Koopmans and Florian Cats combined the photos of various male and female individuals. New human life forms were created by this transformation. The images were shot in the same space from the same angle. With this they wanted to create a bridge between reality and absurdity.
Credits model Lotte 
Embrace the Boredom
We are letting ourselves out of the original and passionate way of living. Until the shock hurts us too much and stretches a strange desire: a desire for boredom. 
Credits Model Ilse @ Margreet Model Management
Work Work Work
Skoft&Skiep is a young Northern collective, consisting of theater makers Karel Hermans, Aukje Schaafsma and Tatiana Pratley. In 2014, she teamed up Never Walk alone as Sneak Preview at Tryater.
A festive presentation of group feelings, in which 100 Leeuwarders participated, and with which they developed their own methodology that they work in Work work work work continue to work out.
Skoft & Skiep studies the world as an amateur anthropologist and makes performances with a documentary and visual character. The research process and the people they encounter during the preliminary research play a major role in the final performance.
Commissioned for Tryater
Life in a care institution 
Documentary photography project about life in a mental health facility.
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