Empty Kingdom
“The oldest daughter of the prime minister was Sheherazade. She was not only beautiful, but also very wise. She had read many books and always listened to the wisdom of the wise men in court.

One day she found her true love and she promised that she would tell the end of the story the next day. That she did and she was so clever to start with a new story right away. That’s how the days went by. The days were weeks and even months and years. Her husband kept his wife and he decided to make her crown to queen."
photography Florian Cats
art direction Chris Laurences
wardrobe stylist Mariliin Saar
make-up artist Fiona Eustace
2nd makeup artist Sezen Chan
hairstylist Courtney Johnson
model Lucia Raic Talia Models
dress by Nivea Bosnjak

Published print editorial fashion-issue 45 in Promo Magazine* (NYC) 
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